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Many articles have been written about the possible applications of flying drones in the industry, but few applications have reached the level of a functioning prototype. At the exhibition visitors can get an idea of what will be possible in the future.
The drone is especially adjusted for the task as it has to position accurately and it has to be able to lift cases of several kilos. Both in software, hardware and mechanical design impressive steps have been made. A tool had to be designed that does not need any external input. It does not need any pneumatics or electricity to be able to clamp and grip a case. Both in weight and cost this tool shows a major step forward in cost-effective handling of cases at the end of a production line or in a warehouse. The tool is being patented. 
The chances that drones will be the basis of the next generation of palletisers are not very high. But each development of an innovative application helps CSi one step further in finding other, newer and more innovative solutions. Thus staying ahead of competition and strengthening its leading position in the world of palletising and packaging.

CSi palletising – Hall 12 – Stand number 12A35