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As an operator or maintenance engineer you do not notice those technologies because of the simplicity of the controls. The HMI (control) panel is enlarged and has the look and feel of a modern, user friendly interface like we know from tablets and smartphones. With new technologies, like an app, it’s easy to get for instance machine diagnostics and energy consumption statistics. So, in short: TAROS 2 is fully (industrial) IoT prepared.

But it is not only the design that has changed. Also the performance of the CSi TAROS palletiser has improved. It has a higher capacity (up to 60 cases per minute) with a reduced energy consumption. Thus the machine can be applied both at the end of a production or packaging line or in a central, multi-line palletising solution.
Another important feature is the gentleness of the product handling. A new turning device reduces product contact to an absolute minimum even at high speed handling. Included in the new design is easy clean. This makes it the best choice, even in moist or dirty environments. Finally, it is available with a Siemens or Rockwell Allen Bradley control platform.